Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Whole Armor of God

Christians are supposed to turn the other cheek all the time, right? Well, it's true that Jesus says this in two of the gospels (Mt. 5:39, Lk. 6:29). And certainly the Christian fold is big enough to include those of a quietist persuasion. Their watchwords are “Resist not evil,” lest by fighting evil they end up emulating it themselves.

Yet Scripture also contains a clear call to confront evil. The concluding passage of Ephesians, summoning the faithful to put on the armor of God, is a stirring call to fight the good fight.

How does one equip oneself for this struggle? Ephesians 6 prescribes a spiritual toolkit covering tip to toe.

● Belt of truth around the waist
● Breastplate of righteousness
● Shield of faith
● Helmet of righteousness
● Shoes conducive to proclaiming the gospel of peace
● Sword of the Spirit (the only weapon mentioned)

By insisting on the truth, faithful people (Christian or not) can help defeat ideologies that rely on lies. A generation ago, isn't that what we did to win the Cold War?

Today, on the issue of health care reform, let’s start with this: There is no such thing as “death panels” in the proposed legislation. For corroboration, see the Annenberg Public Policy Center’s fact check service.

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