Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Health Care Shouldn't Require a Lottery

In 1993, when the Clinton administration tried to reform the American health care system, there were 32 million uninsured. Sixteen years later − after the Lewinsky impeachment travesty and the W. should’ve-been-impeached-for-real interregnum − the (astonishingly high) number is up to 48 million, according to tonight’s Marketplace broadcast on National Public Radio.

As surreptitious forces with ties to the insurance industry and the Republican party try to scuttle another good faith effort to overhaul the dysfunctional system, Americans of good will are finding ways to respond. In Los Angeles, a nonprofit group called Remote Area Medical that originally aimed its services at places like the Amazon is providing free health care at the old LA Forum, to people selected (as with Michael Jackson’s funeral) through a lottery. And good old Jim Wallis and others in the progressive religious community are uniting to support President Obama’s plan for national health care reform.

Please contact your congressperson after reading this, saying you support President Obama on health care reform.

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