Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Missouri Bar Exam, Plus 25

Twenty-five years ago I was in Jefferson City, Mo., taking the Missouri bar exam.

It was one of those times in life of heightened awareness, when one knows one needs to be on what Tiger Woods used to call one’s A Game.

As the results turned out, my game was at that level. At the time, however, everything seemed like a matter of mere survival.

As I posted previously, my second-hand car, a 1980 Olds Omega, barely made it to Jeff City, huffing and puffing in the 100 degree heat.

At my motel, I remember trying to relax a bit in the evenings by watching TV news. For me, the two main stories were the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Antonin Scalia and the status of the World Football League’s antitrust lawsuit against the NFL.

The fact that both of these stories were legal in nature shows, I suppose, how immersed in the law I was in that summer of ’86.

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