Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Police Presence at a Suburban Target

A suburban SuperTarget, at 8 p.m. on a week night. My son and I pull up in our minivan, listening to the baseball game on the radio.

We’ve parked in this large lot countless times before. This time, however, the scene is a bit different. Three Apple Valley police vehicles are parked in front of one of the two entrances to the store.

Presumably the police presence was to investigate a report of shoplifting?


  1. There could have been an assault . . . or an attempted robbery at a cash register. One never knows whether to worry or feel protected in such cases.

  2. Turns out there was a 60-year-old man arrested for allegedly groping a woman. He was booked at the Dakota County Jail on a charge of fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct and faces a July 11 court date.

  3. Hm, well, that's sad for everyone involved. I guess the incident illustrates pretty well the meaning of "fifth-degree" criminal sexual conduct. Unwanted and uncalled for, yes; seriously harmful? To a limited degree.