Saturday, August 28, 2010

AT & T Takes on Texting While Driving

Public service announcements on television are usually easy to ignore. They are typically shown among a block of commercials, when many viewers have already used the remote to bounce to another channel or at least mute the sound. And that's not even counting all the people who tivo through them.

Amid this attention-challenged landscape, AT & T's PSA on texting while driving stands out. The TV screen is suddenly filled with nothing but three short words: Where U at.

The spare, abbreviated words stay on the screen while a woman's voice says, "This is the text my daughter was reading as she drove into oncoming traffic."

No text is worth dying for. A true statement, to be sure. Sadly, many lives have been lost already as society strives to instill its truth in the minds of drivers of all ages, especially younger ones.

The AT & T announcement concludes its point with an effective tagline: It can wait.

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  1. I think AT&T is stepping up to the plate and their effort will most probably save lives right away. To this end, here is a tool that has been out since April that insurance companies are supporting to combat the text and drive epidemic. It was built with a GPS Mode and Parental Control feature for teens and has received 4.5 to 5 star tech reviews for its functionality. If its OK with this website, here is a link to a public press release from PRLog that explains this low cost, smartphone app solution called OTTER that insurance companies are endorsing:


    Erik Wood, owner