Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kierkegaard's Ghost Story

I've got to get a post up on the DWI arrest of Timberwolves' power forward Al Jefferson. But it's Lent - and I'm committed to taking account of Kierkegaard's For Self-Examination. (Al Jefferson, one suspects, is doing his own version of that as well.)

Tonight, I read a section in which SK, in discussing faith as a "turbulent thing," seemed to summon Luther from the dead to make a point:

I assume, then, that Luther has risen from his grave. For many years he has lived among us - unknown. For many years he has considered the life we have led, has been observant of all others in this respect, and also of me. I assume that he speaks to me one day and asks, "Are you a believer? Do you have faith?"

In this beyond-the-pale context, SK realizes, he must get beyond his usual equivocation (or outright, all-too-humble denial). His answer then becomes remarkably clear: "Yes, I am a Christian."

I applaud your answer, Soren. I am, too!

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