Thursday, February 26, 2009

Because we all need to turn again

What follows is a completely ad hoc sampling of headlines from the American press on Ash Wednesday. I’ve chosen seven items, with a nod toward the cumulative total signified by the Seven Deadly Sins.

● 4 teen boys allegedly raped girl, 13 (Star Tribune of Minneapolis-St. Paul)
● Choir leader accused of sex with teen (Star Tribune)
● US is vast arms bazaar for Mexican cartels (New York Times)
● Ex-councilman’s aide, two others guilty of fraud (Philadelphia Inquirer)
● UA student tried to kill newborn (Arizona Republic)
● Autistic son charged with murder in mom’s death (Forth Worth Star-Telegram)
● Murder-suicide silences house of music, laughter (Miami Herald)

Newspapers are on the precipice in the Internet age. But even a glance at them is a reminder of the human need for confession and absolution.

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  1. I pray that we do not simply shake our heads and whisper tsk tsk, but prayerfully consider whether we might play some role in perpetuating or tolerating such depravity (or in failing to protect victims), whether through commision or omission. Ashes seem appropriate.